About Us

Who are we ?

Our company was established in 1996 in Istanbul. We first started to serve with the technological home products that we sell in marketing. After making sure that the foundations of our success are intact, we have added more products to our company as Aktüel Water Treatment Systems Industry and Trade Limited Company. Our goal is to create a corporate firm to have both domestically active market network abroad and obviously reach more people, on this occasion, which is a global brand we assumed the distributorship in Turkey in cooperation with HYUNDAI WACORTEC CO.LTD.
As we are aware that the key to success is to gain trust without compromising the principles of quality, we have been working since the first day. We provide services that will determine the needs and give them the best response. Our customers' satisfaction is always at the forefront for us. We are working with a comprehensive system to ensure that this service is delivered as quickly as possible.
Within this comprehensive system we have established, we have 1,10 offices which are active throughout the country. We have a professional team of 680 people focusing on water treatment, water purification and alkaline water treatment. We also serve in 3 different corporate structures with different business lines including Industrial water treatment and waste water treatment.
Our goal is to ensure that the priorities of Turkey's then take advantage of our quality of all the world. As our targets are large, we will continue to rise with the foundations that can carry this growth with firm steps.
We aim to be the pioneer of development with high quality services and high employment.