Economic Profit

Have you ever thought about how much you spend on drinking water until now? You did not realize that you did not spend a very high sum at that moment. If you do not have an alkaline water treatment system, simply calculate how much of your last month's drinking water you receive with your carboy. When you think about your annual spending, you see exactly how much you spend.
As Pro water treatment systems we wanted to make a small calculation. Assuming you live in a family of four, each family member should drink two liters of water a day for healthy life. In this day, 8 liters of water will be consumed in this house. The total amount of water a family will spend in a year is 2,920 liters. Most of the carboys you order in your homes come as standard with 19 liters. Let's take a look at the standard carboys and find out how many carboys you need per year of water;
2.920 L / 19 L = 157 carboy
This calculation shows that you prefer not to be fully water refined, but also to a carboy in a vein, when you consume 157 carboys. If you accept the fee for a carboy as 7 TL, the total price you spend in a year will be 1.078 TL.
This simple calculation is made exclusively for your drinking water. You use these waters in your tea, coffee and food. When this is the case, you will have more water spending. Considering all this spending, it turns out that in 20 years, you spend only one car on drinking water.