Curious Questions

What is Bisphenol A?

It is a kind of compound obtained by the combination of two phenol and polycarbonate molecules. It has been proven as a result of hundreds of studies that show carcinogenic effects when used as food packaging.

What is the result of the decrease in blood water in the body?

A small drop in water in the blood leads to a 20-30% reduction in body performance. The body's immune system weakens, and can lead to physical and stress-related psychotic disorders such as fatigue and fatigue.

Why does not drink water like tea, coffee and cola replace water?

It does not replace any other liquid water. Tea, such as coffee cola drinks in the foreign substances in the water should be discarded with water causes the body to lose. In short, 20 cups of tea is not 1 cup of water.

What are the main factors polluting drinking water in the world?

Air Pollution, environmental pollution, agricultural spraying, industrial wastes and the consequences of urbanization are among the factors that pollute drinking water resources.

What are the useful minerals in water?

Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Fluoride.

According to which unit and how does TDS measure?

Measures in Ppm based on conductivity in water * ppm: Parts per Million-One Million of Matter

What does the result of the electrolysis test mean?

It provides the direct melting of the substances in the water.