Vision & Mission

Where do we intend to be
Vision - a company in the future, depending on the development of the industry is located, where the desire to be (or even imagined) shows. This futuristic approach to 5-10 after year. everything that is done in the company today, the future is to reach that position.
Mission - a company, which is in a position TODAY, it shows how what he did do, for whom and with whom.
When we combine the two, we want to be in the future (vision) to be at what point today, how are we doing (mission) s response, we summarize the company's vision and mission.
The mission often vary depending on the change, the future vision for where we want to be shown will vary much less time. 
Vision, mark the point we want to achieve, what mission the road today that will tell you how we're doing.
Recently, I can not remember where I read an article, visionary Jesus, and the apostles spoke of MISSIONARIES that makes a pretty good definition. Christianity is shown by the vision of Jesus, his disciples are doing what today is about the people that are on their way.
In other approach, the company's vision of what the future is and what it wishes to, and its mission is to tell what it is today.
Your mission describe what you are doing today is a vision describing the path to the location where you want to be tomorrow. We can say that you apply the latest tactics to achieve your strategic goals.