Are Fresh Water Resources Out of the World?

By 2050, water demand in the world is expected to increase by 55 percent. On the other hand, fresh water resources are decreasing due to population growth and global warming. What kind of methods are developed in the face of this problem?
If you go to another country and get ale or Coca-Cola, think about where the water comes from. This processed rain water in India can be purified sea water in the Maldives. The reason why water resources are so diverse is the world's live water crisis.
70 percent of the world is covered with water, and this amount of water is 1,386,000,000 cubic kilometers. Why is this problem caused by water problems?
97.5 percent of this water is salt water, so it is not suitable for human consumption. Both the world's population and temperature are increasing because of the fresh water problem.
The demand for water between 2000 and 2050 is expected to increase by 55 percent. 70 percent of fresh water is used in agriculture. Food production will increase by 69 percent by 2035 to feed the growing population. In addition, electricity is used as a cooler in the production of electricity and this energy is expected to increase by 20 percent.